Open API Hackathon

Trip to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 & JavaOne 2013 w San Francisco and other awards for the winner!

Possibility to produce the application using Orange labs resources such as sim cards, access to the Orange networks through APIs, and other internet resources.

Orange Labs is running a contest for the next cool app powered by Oracle, in association with City of Warsaw and with investment partner IQ Partners.

See registration and details at

The Grand Prize is an invitation to Oracle OpenWorld 2013 & JavaOne 2013 w San Francisco – hotel, airfare, and admission included. 3 first place prizes are internships at Orange Labs.

And the best business oriented application creator IQ Partners SA will help to create own business (great funds are provided!).

The contest is open to any one with a good idea for an application. The application may use resources from the Orange network like location of devices, presence, device or subscriber information, billing or charging, form City Warsaw like P&R location or Veturilo Location. Contestants are encouraged to use other external resources such as weather, finance, health, etc to make their apps compelling and useful. Registration closes on May 5th. All registrations will be judged and finalists will be announced at website

For the first 3 contestants - invitation for GeeCON.

OpenAPIHackacton introductory talk on "Building mobile apps using network assets" by Douglas Tait and Martin
16th May 2:40 pm at GeeCON


Discussion panel on "Using the Network to build compelling application"
16th May 4:00 pm at GeeCON


Who can participate in the contest?

It is dedicated for all developers who have an idea how to create innovativeness solution based on API and Open Data. We are waiting for young, old and in the middle-aged The most important requirement is an idea. We give you opportunity to use City data and telco API and create what your imagine allows you.

Collection of Abstracts untill 3 June, 2013


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