Paweł Lipiński



A software developer with over 14 years of professional experience. During these years worked as a programmer, software and systems architect, team lead, team coach, and trainer. Frequent speaker on Java and Agile conferences. Author of a few open-source projects. A strong believer in agile methods and techniques. For the last four years leads Pragmatists - a small agile-oriented software company in Warsaw, which lets him test what he teaches in reality.


Extreme Programming practices for your team

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Extreme Programming had some momentum as a practiced agile method in the beginning of last decade. But then SCRUM took over the lead and soft, PM-oriented practices started dominating the agile software development movement and thinking. Focusing purely on the PM side without strong technical background and practices has made a good few teams fail their projects and get back to the old-school waterfallish methods. In the presentation I'll be talking about implementing technical practices of XP in your teams and projects. How to start using them, what to watch out for and how to make them stick. I'll be talking about implementing TDD, Pair-Programming, Collective Code Ownership and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery - which should constitute a tooling of any contemporary agile team.

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