Stanisław Matczak



Stanisław is an experienced developer with broad knowledge about insurance and banking systems. At the moment he is a leader of R&D team working for one of the major Scandinavian banks. He has been working on development of IT systems for 13 years now. During his carreer he had a chance to work as tester, developer, project manager and head of eBanking development. Whatever the role was delivery of useful and valuable software was always the most important thing. Stanisław is co-founder of “Trzecia kawa” website – blog about life in IT industry (


Building quality in big IT systems - in practice

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Quality of bank’s IT system is crucial for this institution. Any error in this system could have very serious financial or marketing consequences. On the other hand, systems for financial institutions are often big, complicated, contains a lot of dependencies and contains legacy parts. Increasing quality of such systems can be a real challenge.

Presentation shows some practical methods like creating useful documentation, code audits, automatic regression tests, introducing handover process, setting release policy, reducing technical debts... We will go through these activities for pointing out the most important elements of quality assurance.

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