Press corner

28 Dec

- Bruce Eckel

This was the quickest I've ever seen complete open-spaces novices fill up a board. As always, the discussions went very well, everyone seemed very happy with the event.

28 Dec

- Tomasz Kaczanowski

What can I say? I enjoyed GeeCON 2012 very much and I hope to be there next year. :)

28 Dec

- Arun Gupta

Overall, the movie theater-style seating worked well and the technical crew knew their job very well. The volunteers were very prompt in showing the time remaining which was helpful.

28 Dec

- Isabel Drost

If you are ever invited as a speaker to GeeCon: Do accept! It’s really well organised, an incredibly friendly atmosphere, and a really tasty speaker’s dinner.

28 Dec

- Tomasz Dziurko

To sum up, GeeCON was a very good conference but people I met there were even better and more interesting.

28 Dec

- Maciej Walkowiak

I went to GeeCON with hurray optimism and very high expectations. I was interested in lots of lectures and I hoped that I will be able to use some of knowledge shared there immediately when I am back to work.

28 Dec

- MJ

If I were to sum up the conference in one sentence: best spent 150 euro for a conference ever! Seriously, I liked each talk I listened.

28 Dec

- Jakub Nabrdalik

Kevlin Henney closed the conference with examples of cool code. His talk was fantastic, funny, and inspiring. Especially examples. One of the best closing talks I've seen.

28 Dec

- Peter Kofler "Code Cop"

Last week one of my favourite Java conferences GeeCON took place in Poznan, Poland. The organisers were caring for everything (even free beer ;-), the presentations were interesting and some of the attendees were really passionate about our craft.

28 Dec

- Piotr Nowicki

Whoa, those few days of GeeCON – Polish Java conference – just passed way too quick. A lot of great speakers, pretty good organisation and the overwhelming Java climate. Yep, it’s geeky or even nerdy but – what the hell – me like it! ;-)

18 Dec

- Adam Bien

Kudos to the organizers - a nice, good organized conference in a beautiful city. I met some old friends from all over the world.

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