Andrzej Grzesik



I like programming. I do it a lot, mostly on the JVM, usually writing fancy backends for big, distributed systems.

I also display a particular affection to continuous delivery.. UI, unless quickly hacked, is not my play ;-) I believe that most problems we deal with are people problems, so I mix and match tools with technologies to achieve my goals, make people happy and achieve world peace :-) I believe in software quality, and organize GeeCON, Polish JUG, Krakow Software Craftsmanship, Cracow Hadoop User Group. In my free time, I read paper books and cycle, a lot!


Continuous delivery antipatterns

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cd antipatterns; ls -al

Releasing and Risk start with an R for a reason. Continuous delivery is the buzzed killer for that.. or is it? We'd like to take you to a journey through well-practiced malpractice, discussing some of the most interesting hoops people made people jump through.

While releasing and doing infrastructure in organisations big and small, ranging from (soon to be multi-million) startups to multi-million corporations, we’ve learned that good intentions, backed by poor execution and lack of thinking ahead, can lead to hell on earth. Growing platforms is tough enough by itself, let’s not make it harder with insane release processes...

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