Douglas Tait



Setting the telecommunications marketing strategy for Oracle and the industry, Mr Tait is defining and building out the Java Service/Application infrastructure for Next Generation Networks. As Global Director of Marketing for Telecommunications, Mr Tait is driving the strategy and tactics for Java Service Delivery Platforms, Policy, Service Brokering, and Online Charging Mediation.

Prior to Oracle, Mr Tait was the director for Global Telecom Markets at BEA and founded the JAIN initiative defining Java technology for communications at Sun. He organized international standards, community, and user group meetings for creating standards and driving the communications market toward standard based Java interfaces, platforms, and protocols.


Discussion panel: Using the Network to build compelling application

Looking at the latest Network APIs and support from major Communications Service Providers, the panel will discuss interesting applications, business models, revenues share, and deployment models. While android and iphone dominate the mobile app market, this panel will looks at all applications that could be enhanced with communications for revenue generating enterprise apps or compelling consumer apps.

Building mobile apps using network assets

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The evolution of communications is accelerating from simple voice calls to radically connecting anything at any time in any place. After the adoption of cell phones into the phone industry, the pace from feature phones, smart phones, pads, to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices, is growing at an exponential rate. The network infrastructure has evolved at the same rate – from simple in-band signaling, to Intelligent Networks, Advanced Intelligent Networks, 2G/3G,IMS and LTE. As devices and networks evolve, the network service platform has also evolved to support consumer demand, complex business solutions, and rise in multi-media services. From the early Service Control Points and Service Nodes to IMS Application Servers, Service Delivery Platforms must accommodate the next generation of services driven by Java for applications in WebRTC, M2M, E2E, and Cloud computing.

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