Jacek Laskowski



Jacek Laskowski is the founder and a co-leader of the Warszawa Java User Group (Warszawa JUG). He's passionate about functional programming with Clojure, Scala and F#. He works as a professional software specialist in the IBM World-wide WebSphere Competitive Migration Team to assist customers in their migrations from competitive Java EE application servers or BPM platforms to IBM WebSphere products. He develops applications, writes articles, mentors, records screencasts, delivers courses and reviews IT books. Jacek contributes to several open source projects with the longest track record in Apache TomEE (formerly Apache OpenEJB). He regularly speaks at developer conferences. He's a member of the IBM Academy of Technology. He blogs at (en) and (pl). Follow him on twitter @jaceklaskowski or Github. You can also meet him on StackOverflow.


Discussion panel: Functional Programming - radical thinking shift and step towards clearer and reliable software

The discussion panel aims at presenting views on the usefulness of functional programming on JVM and beyond, including F# on .Net (if there are people who could tackle the topic with care). We hope to gather people with different opinions, often contradictory, so they can lead to useful outcomes about pros and cons of using functional programming languages - Scala, Clojure as the main players - for current and future projects.

There are plenty of questions people ask themselves when they're faced with learning functional languages and the discussion panel should address some.

Amongst the questions that attendees should anticipate get answers to could be: Why should I consider functional programming languages for my projects? Should I mix and match Java with other languages? What are the most-suited use cases for functional languages? Where would be an introductory area for introducing a functional language in a project? What tools should I get familiar with to get up to speed with functional programming on JVM?

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