Jakub Marchwicki



Jakub has been around software development for over 10 years, wearing multiple hats, getting hands dirty in multiple environments, securing both technical as well as the business side of the things. An engineer with a human friendly interface. Working with a wide set of languages / frameworks, lead delivery teams, liaising with customer, focused on research and development as well as on core product delivery. With Java being his primary tool for most of the time, he’s happy with falling back to different languages, stacks. Being classically trained (graduating Technical University), Jakub always considered programming as a tool to solve real-life problems. He always stayed closed to business side of the solution, still focusing on the technology. He combines daily job of leading 50+ engineers with with lectures and technical trainings and regular commits to local Java User Group.


Building an EJB application guided by tests

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After years when there were EJBs and there was Test Driven Development, the two worlds finally met each other. Taking the latest EJB standard,it's embeddable container standard, Arquillian and classic testing techniques (starting from TDD, through GOOS and few others) we can build a complete enterprise solution guided by tests. In this live coding session I'll go through multiple EJB 3.1 features, building and deploying a complete enterprise application, fully covered with tests. From tiniest little bits of 'business logic' through data model, finishing with external API (web, REST and SOAP), each and every step covered with just enough tests to give confidence application is working as desired. Discussing each feature from both specification and testability perspective, will provide a comprehensive walkthrough an EJB architecture, features provided by specification as well as through testing the app itself as well as the application server boundary. So don't blame EJBs for your server not being testable.

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