Kamila Sidor



Kamila Sidor is a co-Founder and leader of Geek Girls Carrots (GGC). It is a community for women who love new technologies. GGC operates in major Polish cities, organizing monthly meet-ups and programming workshops.

Kamila was a project manager at UBIK Business Consulting and hardGamma Ventures. Then she was the lead organizer of first Startup Weekend in Poland and worked on GammaRebels, an accelerator program for tech startups. In the past, she developed a public speaking club in Warsaw and worked in the marketing division of one of the largest Polish banks.
Kamila encourages and supports technology startups.


Discussion panel: "Freaks of the Freaks: Talking About Minorities in IT"

The session will start with short talks by two motivated women: Jessika Kerr and Kamila Sidor; but this year we will not limit ourselves solely to the issue of female empowerment. The invited panelists, together with the audience, will have a chance to discuss the gender/racial/cultural(im)balance of the IT community. Is the current sex ratio natural? Are opportunities equal? Why are those few people making so much fuss? Should diversity be fostered? Is there a gain somewhere? Or should we all just grow white beards? We hope to make the panel both inspiring and concrete. Come to listen, learn, and share your ideas.

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