Leonid Igolnik



Leonid Igolnik is self proclaimed a unix bigot and a java evangelist. In his current role as a Vice President of Product Development with Oracle he is responsible for product development of several SaaS applications. He has spend his entire professional career building on-line applications starting his career at one of the earliest internet service providers in Israel. Leonid first started building large scale applications in Java in 2002 while working for the 2nd largest domain registrar at the time at Tucows/OpenSRS where he led the platform team. Subsequently to that he held several technology leadership roles with companies in Canada and US. Most recently Leonid has been responsible for engineering teams at Taleo (acquired by Oracle) building applications that help millions of people find jobs that have propelled the company to a position of one of the 4 largest SaaS companies in the world.


Machine learning for a busy developer

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In this talk we will cover few high level machine learning and dive into using R in machine learning application. By the end of talk you should have a fundamental understanding about R and how it can be used in conduction with Machine Learning.

Patterns of SaaS: refactoring databases, or how to apply 650,000 changes in a few hours without losing any sleep

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In this talk we will discuss general database refactoring patterns, database multi-tenancy models as well as techniques that are used to apply 100s of changes to live databases with 0 downtime for the application.

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