Marcin Sawicki



I hate computers.But I tend to keep them in check, so they don’t interfere with my work. Automation helps, and I learned that there is no such thing as too much automation. When it comes to programming, I love to make things scale and distribute, by any means necessary. Polyglot coder living the devops way.


Continuous delivery antipatterns

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cd antipatterns; ls -al

Releasing and Risk start with an R for a reason. Continuous delivery is the buzzed killer for that.. or is it? We'd like to take you to a journey through well-practiced malpractice, discussing some of the most interesting hoops people made people jump through.

While releasing and doing infrastructure in organisations big and small, ranging from (soon to be multi-million) startups to multi-million corporations, we’ve learned that good intentions, backed by poor execution and lack of thinking ahead, can lead to hell on earth. Growing platforms is tough enough by itself, let’s not make it harder with insane release processes...

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