Mark Addy



Mark Addy currently works as a Senior Consultant at C2B2 - a UK Java consultancy which specializes in building fast, scalable and reliable systems. Mark has extensive experience delivering development, troubleshooting, problem analysis and performance tuning services to clients spanning a wide range of industries. Mark has spoken at JUDCon Boston and the London JBoss User Group.


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The talk, split into two sections and drawing from a real implementation covers potential NoSQL architectures and the features they offer in the quest to reach the Holy Grail AKA linear scalability. First we examine an existing traditional replicated cache running at full capacity and how replacement with a distributed solution allowed the application to scale dramatically with a performance improvement to boot. Secondly we look at one of the pitfalls of distributed caching and how, using an essential tool from the Data Grid functionality armory, namely grid-execution we can provide massive scale out and low latencies. Both parts describe a real-world implementation delivered for a global on-line travel agency using Infinispan. Level: All levels, the talk is aimed at developers, architects and middleware specialists interested in caching solutions. Focus: Use-cases including technical detail.

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