Richard Warburton



Software Engineer, interested in deep dive performance issues and compiler verification, Adopt-A-JSR and Adopt-OpenJDK, PhD, Londoner.


Caching In

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Modern computationally intensive tasks are rarely bottlenecked on the absolute performance of your processor cores, the real bottleneck in 2012 is getting data out of memory. CPU Caches are designed to alleviate the difference in performance between CPU Core Clockspeed and main memory clockspeed, but developers rarely understand how this interaction works or how to measure or tune their application accordingly. This Talk aims to solve that by:
1. Describing how the CPU caches work in the latest Intel Hardware.
2. Showing people what and how to measure in order to understand the caching behaviour of their software.
3. Giving examples of how this affects Java Program performance and what can be done to address things.
4. Talking about what future versions of Java may do to help.

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