Simon Willnauer



Simon Willnauer (@s1m0nw) is an Apache Lucene & ElasticSearch core committer and Apache Software Foundation Member. He has been involved with Apache Lucene since 2006 and has contributed to several other open source projects within and outside the Apache Software Foundation. During the last couple of years he led the design and implementation of numerous scalable software systems and search infrastructures. His main interests are performance optimizations, Information Retrieval and non-blocking / wait-free concurrency. Simon is also a co-founder of ElasticSearch Inc. and the highly regarded BerlinBuzzwords conference on Scalability in Berlin (Germany).


With a hammer in your hand… ElasticSearch

ElasticSearch combines the power of Apache Lucene (NoSQL since 2001) and the movement of distributed, scalable high-performance NoSQL solutions into easy to use schema free search engine that can serve full-text search request, key-value lookups, schema free analytics requests, facets or even suggestions in real-time. This talk will give an introduction to the key features of ElasticSearch with live examples.

The talk won’t be an exhaustive feature presentation but rather an overview of what and how ElasticSearch can do for you.

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