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Stephen Chin is a Java Ambassador at Oracle specializing in UI technology and co-author of the Pro JavaFX Platform 2 title, which is the leading technical reference for JavaFX. He has been featured at Java conferences around the world including Devoxx, Codemash, OSCON, JFall, GeeCON, Jazoon, and JavaOne, where he twice received a Rock Star Award. In his evenings and weekends, Stephen is an open-source hacker, working on projects including ScalaFX, a DSL for JavaFX in the Scala language, Visage, a UI oriented JVM language, JFXtras, a JavaFX component and extension library, and Apropos, an Agile Project Portfolio scheduling tool written in JavaFX. Stephen can be followed on twitter @steveonjava and reached via his blog:


Raspberry Pi NightHacking

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The Raspberry Pi is a $25, credit-card sized computer that plugs in to a TV and keyboard. It includes an ARM chip that is powerful enough to run a full version of Java SE including JavaFX. You will get a chance to see Java and JavaFX technology running on a very accessible embedded platform. With a full Java Virtual Machine at your disposal, the possibilities are endless!

In this session we will discuss tips and tricks on how to get up and running with Java and JavaFX on the Rasberry Pi. Everyone can join and we are eager to hear all about your cool projects and experiences.

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