Steve Millidge



Founder and Technical Director at C2B2, Expert Group member for JSR 286 (Portals), JSR 347 (Data Grids) and JSR 107 (Caching). Steve has used Java extensively since pre1.0 and has been a field based professional service consultant for over 10 years and has extensive experience of deploying large scale production Fusion Middleware Systems. Steve has spoken at a number of events on performance and scalability of web systems including Java One, JBoss World, UK Oracle User Group Conference and Special Interest Groups, Jax London, The Server Side Symposium, Community One and regularly presents technical workshops on Coherence.


Big Data or Fast Data?

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In-memory Data Grids (IMDGs) and NoSQL data stores are very alike conceptually. Many utilise a Key/Value store programming model and architecturally they are engineered with the same principals distributed horizontal scalability; high availability; performance and reliability. So the questions is when to use one over the other? This session will look at many of the common use cases seen in large scale web systems today and explore whether the problem to solve is a Big Data problem or a Fast Data problem. We'll look at capabilities of the two technologies and decide whether the best technology for each use case is NoSQL or an IMDG.

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