Wojtek Seliga



Wojciech Seliga is a seasoned software developer and leader, currently he works with Atlassian on JIRA at Spartez which he co-founded. He started coding long time ago and since then has witnessed various waves, hypes and fashions in our industry. He has been taught waterfall, ISO, CMMI and RUP, but did not really get it so he has been instead fostering agile practices in the development and business alike, leading and managing teams, providing technical expertise and hiring.


Java Developer Career Unplugged

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Have you ever thought about what you would be doing professionally in 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Will anyone be using Java then? Will your company or position even exist? Are you doing anything right now to prepare yourself for the future?

Do you think one can become a senior developer in 2 years? Who are software astronauts? Why are your best engineers thrown into managerial pits to rot there?

Wojtek started an avalanche by his keynote at Confitura 2012. His hard-line stance related to the recruitment of Java developers presented there polarized the community and social media like Twitter, YouTube, blogoshpere were hot with debates about it.

This session is a quite relaxed continuation of this subject but this time focused more on softer aspects and the career planning of a Java developer. It bases on his very subjective observations and conclusions drawn from the analysis of hundreds of candidates and dozens of interviews carried out in several last months.

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