e-point SA is the leading internet software house in Poland. For more than 16 years we build custom internet systems for international corporations. We deliver technology products for developers of internet applications.

We call ourselves an internet software house, because system architects, engineers and programmers are the core of our team. For well over a decade we have been involved in the Java Enterprise environment (previously J2EE, J2E), in which we have become experts. We create dedicated internet systems for our Clients, and in parallel we develop our own programming platforms, based on which we build those solutions. For several years, we have been working on the productization of our technologies, so that, apart from ourselves, they can also serve other developers.

Others call us an interactive agency, because we attach great importance to the user interface and the ergonomics of the systems we create as well as project success in marketing and business terms.

Clients treat us as a business partner and work with us for years. We seek to understand in depth the Client’s business model to then create a system that supports and develops that model. These are often systems which play a critical role in our Clients’ business.

For more than a dozen of years, we have been developing proprietary programming platforms, which allow us to satisfy our Clients’ complex needs better, faster and cheaper. We want to share our know-how with other developers throughout the world. Currently, we provide two tools in the form of SaaS model products:

ActiveForms is a product that allows highly advanced WWW forms to be created in visual mode, published and combined with any third-party system.

OneWebSQL is a tool written completely by e-point SA programmers for the purposes of large applications for the company’s corporate Clients. It is the first wholly-Polish O/R mapping tool, which significantly simplifies the use of relational databases in Java applications. is a service for quick and easy completion of official forms, and their subsequent downloading in the universal PDF format for printing and submission to the office.

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