Google Women Conference Grant

As part of Google's ongoing commitment to encouraging women to excel in computing and technology, we are pleased to offer Google EMEA Travel and Conference Grants to encourage more female computer scientists to attend and participate in conferences.

Award winners will be chosen from the applicant pool to receive:
  • Free registration for the conference
  • Up to 700 EUR towards travel costs (to be paid after the conference).
To be eligible for a conference grant candidates must:
  • Be a female working in or studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or technical field related to the conference subject
  • Have a strong academic background with demonstrated leadership ability
  • Attend the core day(s) of the main conference (15th - 17th of May)
How To Apply:

To apply, please submit this form by the 5th May deadline.

To read more on our GeeCON's campaign to encourage women to excel in the IT you can head out to our blog or directly to the entry about this year's girls@geecon promotion.

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